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Are Natural Remedies For ITP Blood Disorder Just A Dream?

Are Natural Remedies For ITP Blood Disorder Just A Dream?

When you are sick you desperately seek help and look to your doctor because medicine and the medical field has never been so advanced. So rightly, you expect to see results from your doctor that will improve your health especially if you suffer from ITP Blood Disorder. But what happens when you are unhappy with the lack of success you are having with the standard medical procedures. Maybe you are making some progress and your platelets are stabilized or even going up a bit, but now you are experiencing other problems from the side effects of the treatments.

It is as if you are trading one problem for another and now you have to pick the lesser of the two evils! Wouldn’t it be nice to return to health, completely? No more doctors visits other than checkups, no more nasty drugs and their unwanted side effects. The ability to enjoy life with family and friends again. Is this a dream? Or is it even possible?

Have you ever considered natural remedies for your ITP Blood Disorder? I know, your thinking “now that is desperately grabbing at straws!” But is it? I mean can you really discount it that quickly? Why wouldn’t natural methods work if you found the right one? I’m talking about the exact ones to treat the root of your ITP Blood Disorder and not destroy your body’s over all health in the process. A more “targeted” approach instead of using “shotgun” methods so popular in the medical field.

Instead of suppressing the body’s immune system like doctors do with drugs, why not just adjust the part that is not working using natural treatments? This is possible, more and more people (and doctors too) are realizing it. By supporting the body’s natural healing processes with herbs, natural supplements and other natural techniques you will give your body the opportunity to heal itself. I am not talking about some miracle plant or herb but rather an over all approach that involves doing things that support health and removing things that are detrimental to health at the same time.

Providing the environment your body was designed to live in (whether you believe in creation or evolution) requires you to discover natural treatment methods and also un-learn bad or destructive habits. You need to empower yourself to take control of your health instead of depending on a system that is broken to begin with. Practices in the medical field for ITP Blood Disorder haven’t changed in the last 50 years. Yes there is better technology with computers and other amazing tools that are used by doctors but treatment still boils down to powerful drugs and/or surgery, both with serious risks or unwanted side effects.

Find a doctor that will cooperate with you and your wishes to implement natural methods first and avoid the more drastic measures if at all possible. Your doctor can monitor your health, especially platelet counts and as you improve he will gradually take you off of prescription drugs or at least reduce the amount you take. Many doctors are now taking added courses in nutrition and others fields that blend well with your approach of favoring all natural methods and can be of great assistance. You may have to look a bit but I suggest you find one.




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